Safety Audit Training

The Construction Safety Association of BC, in cooperation with the WCB, has established a Certificate of Recognition (COR) program. This is a development of the CSABC's Safety Training Accountability and Recognition (STAR) initiative.

Companies that are registered with the WCB in Construction can earn a 5% WCB rebate on their assessment premium for the previous year by completing specified safety training under STAR COR.

An important part of this training is the Safety Audit. The Safety Auditor Training course is required by all companies. It teaches how to conduct an audit in order to improve your safety performance on a day-to-day basis.

Instructor led, this course teaches how to gather information necessary to complete an audit both in relation to the safety program and to the work actually being done.

A practical workshop shows the simplicity of the Audit Document and how to use the standardized forms. Participants gain experience in using the three forms of verification --- Documentation; Observation and Interviews.

This course will be of value to those who would like to conduct safety audits of their own companies or who are qualified consultants who wish to do audits for a range of companies.

Note: A consultant who wishes to act as an external Safety Auditor must have either: a BCIT Diploma in OHS and two years of safety experience in the Construction Industry OR four years of safety experience in the Construction Industry (without the BCIT Diploma).

These Audit Instruments will help you with your Audit:
Safety Audit Guidelines

Download list of Qualified Safety Auditors here.