The CSABC is a non-profit organization that is owned and operated by the construction industry of British Columbia. Its goal is to reduce the number and duration of workplace injuries and to lower contractor costs. Long-term (strategic) goals:
  1. To develop and promote safety and foster a construction workplace safety culture.
  2. To establish a safety training and practices framework that ensures appropriate safety standards, curriculum, training programs, and other programs are developed and delivered.
  3. To ensure a central registry is in place to track trained workers, supervisors and owners and document credentials.
  4. To identify safety cost drivers and take appropriate action to address priority drivers.
  5. Support COCA to affect necessary changes to make the experience rating system transparent and equitable, and other WCB changes.
The following Key Performance Indicators or measures of CSABC effectiveness/success have been identified by the CSABC Board of Directors:
    CSABC is recognized as the construction safety training standards body.
    Customer satisfaction.
    Appropriate WCB assessment rates.
    Usage/uptake of CSABC programs and services by all groups (e.g. including small contractors).
    The fund balance.
    Number of programs/services delivered.
    Wage loss claim rates.
    Number of lost person hours.
    Duration of wage loss claims.
    Number of people trained by type of program.
    Cost to industry is reduced (net cost).

CSABC Vision Statement:

"CSABC is the construction industry's premiere organization, providing safety training, programs, resources and best practices to reduce human and capital costs of workplace injuries."

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